Companies & Programmes


Treesh Affairs Int’l Ventures is a registered Film Production, Advertising and Entertainment Company, operating in Nigeria since 2004 (Producers of Boldfaces & Celebrity Eye TV Programmes.) Tricia Eseigbe & Kingsley Kerry are Directors in the company and are as well the Executive Producers.

Boldfaces is an inspirational TV-presentation programme, that features interviews/ documentaries on notable personalities in government, corporate, entertainment, political and the sporting worlds; personalities who have distinguished themselves in their chosen fields of endeavour. We showcase personalities who have contributed greatly to their state, community, and our great nation Nigeria and Africa in general. Our flagship programme is BOLDFACES.


Boldfaces is a thirty-minute TV inspirational presentation programme that features interviews with notable personalities in the corporate, entertainment and sporting world, who have distinguished themselves in their chosen fields of endeavour and contributed to the development of our society/community.

Boldfaces is a programme that has been well accepted over the years. We have been broadcasting since 2004, with new episodes created on a weekly basis.


Celebrity Eye is a thirty-minute celebrity image-redeeming programme, which treats issues about celebrity lifestyles and headline news. Celebrity Eye creates the platform where celebrities come on the show to clarify tabloid stories/gossips about them. The public, viewers/fans hear it from the horse’s mouth, all in the ‘set the record straight segment.

Celebrity Eye also has a segment tagged “Celebrity Style Check. “ It is a segment that showcases our celebrities’ fashion sense.
We analyze their colours and combinations - what the public/critics got to say about their dress sense, and final word/scores from our Fashion Judge, who is a celebrity-lawyer.


Deviewfindaz Crew is our human development / youth empowerment musical project. Presently, we have 26 artistes and they have over 20 recorded audio/video materials, already mastered and waiting to be released soon. This project was shot in Nigeria/United Kingdom.


Living Celeb is a thirty-minute insight reality programme, x-raying real time celebrity in movies, which covers the daily activities of celebrities across the nation, throughout the continent and their worldwide tours and events, starting from the time they wake up from sleep to when they return to bed.

In Living Celeb, we celebrate our celebrities in style as never seen on television, bringing to our audience and fans exclusive down-to-earth footages of their beloved celebrities, expressing their emotions, passion, religion, official commitments, working environment, home, family life, fun time, relaxation and what make them unique.

We’re also actively building a foundation for the company’s future, which will include the expansion of our entertainment’s reach both within and beyond Nigeria, directing and producing feature-length films, acquiring and managing large-scale production projects for governments, public/private sector and major brands representatives.

Creating broadcast programs and productions that will entertain, inform, and strengthen/enforce unity within our communities; from the small screen, the silver screen to the computer screen, if it needs to be seen.


Simply Divine Pictures

Simply Divine Pictures is a Nigeria/London-based film and video production company that creates pictures to entertain, engage and enlighten people across the globe. It is Co-owned and operated by Kingsley Kerry & Tricia Eseigbe of Treesh Affairs Int’l Ventures.

Who produce an array of projects, including television programmes, reality shows, commercials, marketing messages, music videos, documentaries, short and feature-length films, and more. Simply Divine Pictures was founded in 2009. Our flagship programme is PRADAH.

PRADAH Concept

Pradah is created in two (2) versions: Pradah the Tele-Movie – made for television viewers, Pradah the Full Length Feature Film – made for Cinema.

Both versions have a three-way dimensional story that treats the following below:


Pradah is a thirty-minute Tele-movie about three females in their early-to-mid thirties, namely: Pradah – a female national football hero; Guchi Rose – a Nollywood actress /activist, fighting to emancipate the movie industry and Vesashe – a ‘Jobless heaven-bound’ Christian lawyer, dealing with the same social virus called S.S.S (SENIOR SISTER SYNDROME.)

All three girls are continuously bullied, creating more psychological defect as they try to advance their careers. S.S.S is a widely-unknown virus ravishing the community.


We understand our communities, giving the role that football and entertainment play in the lives of our people. Over the years, Female Football/ Nollywood have brought so much joy to our nation. During the production of PRADAH, we’re able to recreate a visual atmosphere of the lives of these national heroes and Nollywood celebrities.

With Pradah, our viewers will be able to see through the lifestyle of their female football heroes, their personal challenges aside the field of play, and life in the national football team camp.

Our viewers will be given an insight into the present state of affairs in the Nollywood film industry, the life struggles of the Directors/Actors/Actress/Marketers, all based on true life stories and research carried out by seasoned Nollywood practitioners.

Our people will benefit a lot from Pradah’s Senior Sister Syndrome (S.S.S) storyline; it’s a very educative part of our story, laced with detailed research on the mental instability associated with living as an unmarried elder sister and the damage our parents/community cause our elder sisters by constantly reminding them of not being married.

In Pradah, we have put together a very entertaining and educative production which we believe will promote our sporting icons/ entertainment idols and enlighten our community about the after-effect of S.S Syndrome.


Pradah is well crafted with a good technical dept, shot as a Television-Movie with the latest Canon broadcast HD cameras, camera car mount/ Mini Jib crane and Operators.

Edited on Final Cut Studio 2, editing software from Apple Studios, we’ve completed season One which was shot in Nigeria, with locations across Lagos; while Season Two is in pre-production stage to be shot in Nigeria, United Kingdom and Europe.

Concept Created By Kingsley Kerry & Tricia Eseigbe.