BCDI (Boldfaces children development initiative)

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world and save the children.

Boldfaces children development initiative foundation to enlighten our community about pedophiles, to prevent the sexual abuse of children and to encourage victims of child sexual abuse to come out and tell their stories via our television talk-show programme The Psychologist.

At Boldfaces International, we advocate for the sexually abused children/victims, and provide evidence-based information to policymakers, media and advocacy groups. The foundation is presently managed by Tricia & Kingsley Kerry with Specialist consultants drawn from various fields of expertise that are necessary for the success of the project.

We provide consultancy and training services to professionals, organizations, coalitions, and community-based programs on strategies, policies and practices for preventing child sexual abuse. As part of strategic partnerships, we consult long-term with groups that are adapting key elements of our adult-responsibility programmes.

We provide books for individuals, families and communities on how to prevent child sexual abuse before children are harmed - and to get help for everyone involved. Our website and literatures provide information to families and the general public on how to keep children safe at home and the public place.

Boldfaces Foundation intends to mobilize adults, families and communities to take actions that protect children before they are harmed. Our flagship programme is “The Psychologist,” designed as a thirty-minute public awareness television talk show programme, set out to address child sexual molestation in our society.


Beside the television programme (The Psychologist,) we intend to spread our child sexual abuse awareness campaign by visiting schools within Nigeria and across Africa. We shall be holding town-hall meetings with the local communities, educating them and giving vital information on ways to protect our young vulnerable children from pedophiles.

Our team of foreign partners will be coming to aide our awareness campaign. We intend to produce books for individuals, families and communities on how to prevent child sexual abuse before children are harmed, and to get help for everyone involved.

We intend to produce a DVD version of THE PSYCHOLOGIST, to freely distribute to public and private schools’ libraries.


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